Stand Up For Israel!

And for Jewish Students

(& those Frat Patriots)

And Songstress Eden Golan  



PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF ISRAEL. For the safety and survival of the Israelis, their armed forces, their country.  For the victory of Israel and the end of the Hamasnazis / Iranazis. And the defeat of their genocide against Israel & Jewry.



PRAY FOR THE SAFETY & VALOR of our  American forces in the Middle East and around the world.  For our wounded warriors & their families.  


God save Israel, our Republic, and Civilization. 



Sing ya soon!

Love 'n Freedom,






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All Songs recorded in 2004, 2022, 2023, and remastered or revised in 2023, 2024.   

All Original Songs: Ric Victor lyrics, vocals, voiceovers, producer, co-composer, co-arranger, except as otherwise noted. 

America The Beautiful. Ron Jolly, piano. Adam Rey, electric guitars, Brian Mikulich, drums, Ron Bland, bass.  Recorded in 2023. Arranged by Ric Victor and Ron Jolly.

On 9-11 (A Love Story).  Ricardo Pena piano and electric guitar, backup vocals, arranger, producer.    Jimmy Yozell drums, John Farmer bass. 

Bad Mullah Blues. Ricardo Pena, piano, arranger, producer. Marc Larson electric guitar.  Jimmy Yozell drums,  John Farmer bass.

Ballad of Danny Pearl and North Korea Rag, David Heck drums, Bob Underwood bass. Those two songs and Poor Good Isra-El, Marc Larson guitars.  co-composer, arranger, producer.

Song From Covid Life. Revised lyrics, new vocals, new arrangement, new recording in 2023. Ron Jolly piano & co-arranger, Adam Rey electric guitars; Brian Mikulich drums, Ron Bland bass. (Original version in 2004, Song From Solo Life, co-composer, co-arranger, producer Mark Larson.)

Get Off My SUV, Song From Semi-Life, Chimmi-Chimmi-Changa, and UFO Love Song.  Marc Larson, electric guitars, co-composer, co-arranger, co-producer. David Heck drums, Brett Anthony Johnson bass.