LYRICS  (excerpts)


Lyrics by Ric Victor


SONG FROM COVID LIFE  (Quarantine Blues)
Well I see all my friends
several hours every night.
They're inside a lit-up screen,
But that means we never fight.

Got everythin' I need,
I'm never on the spot.

Some say life's a Circle,
Well my life's a Dot!

I like it like that!
Don't bother me!
LIvin' alone in sweet simplicity.

I ain't goin' nowhere,
I'm laid off at home each day.
Then I walk hello at Gas 'n Go
And eat at Safeway
(. . . down the block!)


GET OFF MY SUV   (Family Highway Boogie)
Son ya wouldn't barf ya didn't read in the car!
Janie just hold it just said we're far!
Don't spill that goop in my drivin' space!
And get that mask off baby's face!

Cruisin' down the highway
with the kids way in the back.
TV keeps 'em busy
so their little brains won't crack.

Wife unmasked and happy,
all I needa say's, "Yes Dear!"
Cos she knows I'm concentratin'
in My Quiet Driving Sphere!!!

Hypocrites want 'em all just for them
Don't jam me ina that box again.
Control freaks wanna shut down our lives
But I just say to all that jive:

I love my S, I love my S, I love my SUV! 
Hee-hee    hee-hee   hee-hee-hee !
Hee-hee    hee-hee   hee !



SONG FROM SEMI-LIFE   (Everyman's Blues)
Saw my semi-doctor 'bout my semi-ills,
Well he semi-vaxed me with his semi-bills.

Drove a semi-circle to the politician's door,
Says he's semi-agin' an' he's sema-for.

Don't give me semi-trouble I won't give you semi-strife
I just wanna git on with my semi-life.

I can't get no semi-trac-tion
Everything I try is a semi-infraction
Prayin' ta God for a semi-extraction!

Had some semi-beers in a semi-bar,
They was semi-insulted, an' we took it semi-far.
Had a semi-lawyer in a semi-court . . .


CHIMMI-CHIMMI-CHANGA   (Ric's Food Journey)
Well I never went to clubs
becos I hate that scene,

We're all dumb demandin'
drunk desperate or mean.

So I went down to thee Cookstore
to ask how ta boil a egg,
An' this sweet little gal
just took me up a peg!

She said "I don't like phonies
an' I don't trust glamma!
So let's meet for lunch I'll make
and bring a
Chi-chi chi-chi

Now the Lord tests each of us,
I know it's fer the good.

But why's He gotta test us
when it comes to food???

If He want'd us to be vegans
then'a why did He create
All them rivers fulla sushi
and 'em forests fulla meat?


UFO LOVE SONG (Can't Get Her Outa My Head)
Me I useta laugh at them,
Knew my head was full.
Suddenly you come along,
Love possessed my skull.

Now I feel you in the night,
See you when you're outasight.
Radio inside my brain,
plays yer voice 'n calls yer name.

Me I need no CIA nor no planet men!
All I spy inside my eye

is your bright face again
(an' again   an' again 
an' again   an' again . . .)


Lyrics by Ric Victor


ON 9-11  (A Love Story)
He heard the alarm clock ring,
He turned it off & held her close.
The date said 9/11 …

He left her for the shower,
& she suddenly felt cold.
She woke the children.

"Kids, get up!" she heard him call.
"Oh, Daddy!  Finish last night's
story of Heaven!"

"I'll tell you more when I get home,"
he laughed.  "Be good!
It's half past 7."

A picture-perfect day,
as life goes on its way.
We better count our blessings
while we have 'em.

Cos once upon a time
the bad things happen,
even here,
America, On 9-11 ...


 Angels Rising (Over NYC)    
Those towers cracked and the fires did burn.  
For those poor people, my heart did yearn. 

To escape the flames, some folks jumped out.  
But they didn’t fall down, they were carried up.   

Angels rising, to Heaven above. 
They send us strength, they send us love. 
Angels rising, in the Land of the Free Angels rising, over New York City.


They crushed their economy
& grabbed all the gold
No future for the young
No rest for the old.

No love for the living
No peace for the soul
& it's prison if you drink
a beer or rock 'n roll.

Ancient Persia, now known as Iran,
Civilized way back at the dawn of man.

With wealth & power & colorful minds,
But they done stripped those memories blind!

Got the Bad Moolah Blues,
Terrible news,
Power-mad clergy,
in commissar shoes.

What will they live for?
What will they choose?

Them good old Persians
got the Bad Mullah Blues.


In old Pyongyang lives a little madman,
He’s the only son of the old madman,
He ruins that land as a madman can,
He wants to make the people as mad as him.

America drove his grandad dad out
from the fear-filled South in '53

Now Ill Job's sellin' missiles to
the worlds other mad tyrannies.

He's got him nukes & a million men
Cos he wants to attack the South again

But his men just want a thick warm coat
& a little hot meal, & a good long ssmoke!

Ih-ih  ih-ih  ih-ih!
Ih ih!!



 FLIGHT 93  (stand & fight)
They prayed & made a huddle
& they voted to die free:
Bingham, Burnett, Glick & Lyles,
and others willingly.

"Let's roll!" said Big Todd Beamer,

& they smashed in hard & bloody.
They overwhelmed that cockpit

and took down Flight 93.

Flight 93!  Coulda been you or me!
Would you stand & would you fight 
on Flight 93?