Poor Good Isra-El

Loved in Heaven, hated in Hell


4000 years ago

Abraham and Sara dwelled

in the land west of the Jordan

Later known as Isra-El.


God's first human friend,

He taught love and decency.

Hateful kings tried to kill him,

But he triumphed and lived free.


Poor Good Isra-El,

Loved in Heaven, Hated in Hell.

Freedom-lovers, ring the bell:

Stand up for Israe-El.


Abraham's grandson Isra-El 

Took his kin to Egypt land.

They helped Egypt prosper well,

But the next king enslaved them.


Their descendants escaped, home,

Through God's miracles they saw.

They received the Ten Commandments,

From which comes all modern law.


They built Jerusalem, God's City

Built the Temple of the Lord,

Where a Jew named Jesus walked 

and taught,

From where Apostles spread his Word.


Tyrant Rome persecuted

Jews and Christians all too well.

Christendom survived and grew,

but Rome scattered Isra-El.


2,000 years in Europe 

Gave the Jews a living hell.

Tyrants, hypocrites, and pagans

slandered, slaughtered Isra-El.


Back in the Holy Land

For almost as long,

Arab conquests forced on Jews

Apart-Hate based on religion.


Centuries left the land deserted,

nearly empty and ruined.

Jews still there joined by their fellows

Brought it back to life again.


Arab neighbors and Arab settlers

Came for jobs at Jewish hands.

They  resented Jewish freedom,

Tried to drive Jews from the land.


Finally the Jews rebelled and

Made their own free government.

From Arab supremacism

They declared  independence.


Tyrants' armies never could win,

So the terrorists returned,

Spreading racist lies and hate,

Bombing Jewish civilians.


Master of Lies told Isra-El

“Give me land and peace will swell.”

But the more land they gave, 

he put more Jews in the grave.


When the appeasers offered all,

he stepped up the terror war.

He crushed his Arab settlers well,

And taught them to blame Isra-El.


Like the riders of the Klan,

They shot Jews inside their homes,

Raped and butchered at festivals,

Tore babies from their mothers' arms.


They blamed the Jews when Jews fought back.

They bombed the Jews when Jews ceased fire.

Then they called themselves the victims,

 Celebrating every terror.


From the Pilgrims to the Founders, 

Mr. Lincoln and Dr. King,

America has chosen Isra-El

as a Model for the Dream.


But while America's loosed its arms

for the freedom of the world,

Hamasnazis and Mad Mullahs

want to destroy Isra-el.


Evil ones hope grave and ghetto

are the fate of Isra-El.

Job's patience and God's love

are all that comfort Isra-El.


Poor Good Isra-El,

Loved in Heaven, 

Hated in Hell.


Freedom-lovers, ring the bell:

Stand up for Isra-El.










Quarantine Blues


Got everythin' I need.

I've never on the spot.

Some say life's a circle.

Well my life's a dot.

She said "I’ll always love ya!

I'll wear your favorite skirt!"

Clock beeps, eyes open

and my sinuses hurt.


I like it like that

Don't bother me

Livin' alone

in sweet simplicity.


 I ain't goin' nowhere,

No I work at home each day,

Then I say hello at Gas 'n Go

and eat at Safeway 

… outside …



Get Off My SUV

Family Highway Boogie


Son ya wouldn't barf

Ya didn't read in the car.

Janie just hold it

just said we're far.


Don't spill that goop in

my drivin' space.

An' get that mask

off Baby's face!


I wanna S, I wanna S, 

I wanna S-U-V-!!!











UFO Love Song

Can't Get Her Outa My  Head


Joe ‘n Jack ’n Bill 'n Bob

Got no home an' got no job

Cough on people we can't see

Got a invisible family.


Me I need no CIA

 nor no planet men.

All I spy inside my eye  

is your bright face again.


and again and again 

and again and again

and again and again 

-- and again!





Ric's Food Journey


I never went to clubs 

becos I hate that scene.

We're all dumb, demandin' 

drunk desperate or mean.


So I went down to thee cookstore

ta ask how ta boil a egg,

and this sweet little gal 

just took me up a peg.


"She said, ‘I don’t like phonies

and I don't trust glama!

"So let's meet for lunch,

 I'll make and bring a 






… now she & I are married …




Song From Semi-Life

Everyman's Blues


Saw a semi-doctor 

'bout my semi-ills,

Well he semi-vaxed me 

with his semi-bills.


Drove a semi-circle 

to the politician's door.

Says he's semi-agin' 

and he's sema-for.


Don't give me semi-trouble

I won't give you semi-strife.

I just wanna git on with 

my semi-life.


I can't git no Semi-Traction

Everthin' I try is a Semi-Infraction

Had some semi-beers

in a semi-bar.

They was semi-insulted

and we took it semi-far.


Had a semi-lawyer

in a semi-court.

Now I'm semi-guilty

and I'm semi-short.