Special Thanks

 Special Thanks above all to Mark Derryberry, whose engineering, mixing, & auditory talent, brains, genius -- & sense of humor
-- & massive patience -- made all this possible.

Special thanks also to Ron Jolly, Adam Rey, Ron Bland, and Brian Mikulich --

-- all of whose fun, brilliant, joyous, right-on, kick-ass musicianship you'll hear here in Song From Covid LIfe and America The Beautiful,

-- and in some great parodies and classics coming up a little later.


  Also check out Hey Rey's amazing electric guitar comedy in Song From Covid Life - & again more to come!



Thank you too to the great musicians who worked with me in the other recordings here, back in the day, especially genius guitarist Marc Larson & great keyboardist, guitarist & more Ricardo Pena.



Special thanks also to Melissa Smith, Eric Leonard, Butch Golden, DK, MV, CB, JF & NF, HJ, TB., & other teachers, specialists, friends, supporters & helpers!