RIC VICTOR is an accomplished comic & dramatic actor, humorist, singer, and writer.  From Denver's professional theaters, mainly the legendary Germinal Stage Denver.


RIC GREW UP next door to a Plutonium reactor, in small-town Richland, Wa,


Singing along to Cash, Haggard, Nelson, and Campbell; Clapton, Dylan,  Fagen and others 
(and Oppenheimer??
... well ... maybe not ...)


RIC ACTED professionally for many years at legendary Germinal Stage Denver.


In early 2020 he quit his day job, to sing, write, produce, and act full-time.  Hah.


RIC IS JOYOUS, comical, serious & sad.  Romantic, satirical, & self-mocking.


He sings Country & Rock classics, Blues, & more. 
Plus his own folksy, funny satires & serious stories.  


RIC's Characters & Stories will leave you laughing or moved.  His lyrics will surprise & delight you!